TLDR: Improve your application’s performance by using Memcached for frequently queried data like this:

Databases are designed for specific schemas, queries, and throughput, but if you have data that gets queried more frequently for a period of time, you may want to reduce the load on your database by introducing a cache layer.

In this post we’ll look at the horizontally scalable Google Cloud Bigtable, which is great for high-throughput reads and writes. Performance can be optimized by ensuring rows are queried somewhat uniformly across the database. …

On my quest for learning some new technologies, I’ve stumbled into the issue of connecting to my server/instance/database from my local machine due to network issues. The way around this would be to run my code from a virtual machine on the same network, but getting my code onto the machine seemed like a frustrating process until I discovered Rsync. Rsync is a command-line application that allows you to easily transfer and synchronize files across computers or virtual machines.

Create the VM

I’ll be using Google Cloud Platform for this, but this technique should apply to any VM. I’ll create a VM and…

For two years, I’ve been working on developer relations for Google’s Cloud Bigtable. It’s a database meant to handle petabytes of data and powers many core Google services, including Search, Analytics, Maps, and Gmail. However, the largest table I’ve created was around 100MB — not even close to what Bigtable can support.

The Bigtable team recently launched an improved version of their monitoring tool Key Visualizer, and given some recently acquired extra free time, now seemed like a great time to try loading in a ton of data and using the updated tool.

In the end, I wrote 10TB of…

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working with Cloud Bigtable on Google Cloud Platform (GCP.) Lately, I’ve wanted to get a better understanding of similar big data offerings on the market specifically HBase and Cassandra.

I‘d never set up anything like Cassandra before and was intimidated by all the tutorial videos I watched, but it proved to be a very manageable task using GCP’s click to deploys.


On your GCP project with billing enabled, you can navigate to the Cloud Marketplace and search for “Cassandra.”

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